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Clásicos Universales promotes classic texts in English and Spanish. In the case of history, we present texts that describe situations that were superficially presented to us in school, but that contain behind them a stark reality that we now want to explore in greater detail. In other instances we present literary curiosities, such as what is understood was the first Mexican novel, which dealt with the adventures of a Puerto Rican, or of a nun who actively participated in the conquest of the Indies. Some of the books are available in HTML format. Others can be purchased from Amazon in Kindle or paper format for added convenience. With the purchase of any book in paper format you get a free Kindle copy.

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La monja alférez

Catalina de Erauso

Rebellious, violent and brave, Catalina de Erauso went down in history as the Nun Alférez. Her parents wanted the quiet life of a convent for her but she chose an adventurous existence in the New World.

Los infortunios de Alonso Ramírez

Carlos de Sigüenza y Góngora

The precursor of the Mexican novel. A poor adventurer narrates the details and unusual misfortunes of a Puerto Rican in a journey around the world in the seventeenth century, crossed by unimaginable dangers and threats..

Póstumo el transmígrado

Alejandro Tapia y Rivera

A man reincarnates in the body of a woman who flees from Madrid to Paris,and finally travels to Boston to attend a feminist convention in pursuit of more advanced ideas in women’s rights.

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