The Republic by Plato

A study of right and wrong.

The Republic is Plato’s best known and most influential work, and is the compendium of the ideas that make up his philosophy. It is a dialogue between Socrates and other characters, such as the disciples or relatives of Socrates himself. Plato proposed in The Republic the study of the just and the unjust. Its object is to demonstrate the moral need, both for the State and for the individual, to govern all their conduct according to justice, that is, according to virtue, that is, according to the idea of good, the principle of good order for societies and for souls, the source of public and private happiness; principle, which is Plato’s God.

340 Pages

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About the Author


Plato was a Greek philosopher, disciple of Socrates and teacher of Aristotle. In 387, he founded the Academy of Athens, an institution that would continue for more than nine hundred years. His influence as an author and systematizer has been incalculable throughout the history of philosophy.

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